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COGIC Pastoral Installation

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Elder Robert Earl DeJournett, Pastoral Installation

St. Ashworth Temple Church Of God In Christ

December 5, 2015

Akron, Ohio


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Don’t Miss the St. Ashworth Temple C.O.G.I.C. Youth Revival

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revival flyer

St. Ashworth Temple COGIC presents “Let The Fire Fall” Youth Revival – July 30-31, 2015 – Guest Speaker: Pastor Nathaniel Green of Dallas, Texas along with other special guests. COME EXPERIENCE THE FIRE! #LetTheFireFall2k15 #LTFF2015

Posted by Dustin T. Claridy on Monday, July 27, 2015


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Sunday July 26, 2015 Overview

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question-markScripture of the Week: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

Missionaries Sunday

 Prayer – Missionaries

Praise & Testimony– Praise Team

Processional– Choir

Tithes & Offering– Elders, Ministers, and Deacons

Malachi 3:6-12, Proverbs 3:1-9

Announcements: Reporter

Musical Selection: Choir

The Word Of God- District Missionary Mother Janis Tabbs

Topic:” Choose You This Day”

Scriptural Reference: Genesis 25, Joshua 24:13

Call To Discipleship- Assistant Pastor Robert Dejournett



July 30th-31st.

SAT. Youth Revival

Speaker: Pastor Nathaniel Green 7:00 pm. Nightly

August 8, 2015 Annual Hot Dog SaleMother’s Board


Weekly Services: Sunday – 9:30 am. Sunday School

 10:00 am.-  New Member Class: (Every 2nd & 4th)

10:30 am.-Y.P.W.W. and Children’s Church

11:30 am– Morning Worship

Tuesday- 7:00 pm. Bible Study, 8:00 pm., Choir Rehearsal

Friday- 7:00 pm. Intercessory  Prayer

Saturday  (on the 2nd Sat. each month) 10:00 am. Missions Food Vouchers.

Upcoming Bible Lessons

Tuesday Bible Study- ‘Spiritual Stability‘ II.Kings 22:1-2, Deuteronomy 5:32; Job 23:8-14

Sunday School -‘Our Redeemer Comes‘ Isaiah 59:15-21

Y.P.W.W.-“The Cry for Direction ” Psalms 31:1-3

Please Submit Announcements to Sis Sheila by Thursday in order to ensure submission in the Sunday Bulletin.

Mother Annie Barker, Mother  Bertha Fields, Mother Ineatha Holmes, Mother Willie Mae Feaster, Sister Barbra Vardiman, Mother Gwen Jordan, Elder Henry Jordan, Sister Johnnie Martin, Mother Mary Moton, Mother Edith Perdue, Mother Suffern Rivers, Brother Cleophus Scruggs, and Deacon Sylvester Walker.

Matthew 6;16-18 & Matthew 17:19-21

Remember to Fast & Pray, every Tuesday & Friday.

Prayer Conference Call- #605-476-4000 code# 501844  5:30 am.- 6:00


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Faithful Service: Easing into a New Season. Afternoon Overview

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seasons 2

Sunday afternoon service  5:00 pm. June 28, 2015

Order of Service

Entrance of Honorees– Sister Adrienne Bradford Griffin and  Deacon Andre Bradford

Invocation-Elder Larry Chadwick

Scripture Readings– Deacon Allan Dawkins-Psalms 37:23-25, Brother Dustin Claridy-Romans 8:27-28

Praise and Worship- Praise Team

Welcome-Mother Malinda Rodgers

service 1

Expressions of Love –Mother Thelma Giles- Butts Jurisdictional Supervisor, Ohio North First Jurisdiction  Elder Clyde McDaniel, Evangelist Norma Curry, Pastor Aubrey Walker.

Musical Selection- St. Ashworth Temple Choir

Family Expressions-Sister Adrienne Griffin Bradford, & Sister Tayler Griffin

Recognitions and Presentations – Elder Robert Dejournett, Missions Department, Tri- Ministries of Love & Akron

Ministry of Giving- District Pastors

service 3

Introduction of the Speaker- 

Special Musical Tribute –Reunion Choir (Under the direction of Elder Clyde Mcdaniel, and Sister Adrienne Bradford Griffin)

The Spoken Word – Bishop Edward T. Cook Jurisdictional Prelate, Ohio North First Jurisdiction- Church of God In Christ.

Altar Call-Bishop Edward T. Cook

Release of Pastor & First Lady- Final Remarks


Committee: Elder Robert Dejournett

 Sister Charlene Dejournett

Sister Gaye Carter

Brother Dustin Claridy

Missionary Katharine Beacham

Mother Shirley Bradford

Elder Clarence Steadman

Sister Adrienne Bradford- Griffin

Mother Janis Tabbs

Sister Shelia Dawkins- Flinn


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The Grand Celebration Honoring Pastor Richard A. Bradford &First Lady Ida M. Bradford

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seasons 1

Sunday morning service June 28, 2015

Order of Service

Invocation-Elder Larry Chadwick

Scripture Readings-Sister Latika Tolliver- Isaiah 40: 28-31, Deacon Wesley Fuller –Ephesians 3:16-20

Praise and Worship- Praise Team

Welcome-Mother Malinda Rodgers

Expressions of Love –Mother Deborah Scruggs, Mother Beatrice Hickman, Missionary Katherine Beacham, Sister Karen Ingram, Deacon Andre Bradford.

Musical Selection- St. Ashworth Temple Choir

Acknowledgement and Presentations 

service 2

Resolutions- Sister Shelia Dawkins- Flinn

Ministry of Giving 

Announcements-Sister Cindy Bradford

Introduction of Speaker

Musical Selections- St. Ashworth Temple Choir

The Spoken Word –Bishop Edward T. Cook

Jurisdictional Prelate, Ohio North First Jurisdiction- Church of God In Christ INC.

Topic : Where are we, and Where are we going?

Scripture Reference: Numbers

Notes: The action of rebellion is disobedience. Rebellion resides in the human spirit, and cannot be changed unless the spirit is changed.

Altar Call- Assistant Pastor Elder Robert E. Dejournett


Planning Committee

Elder Robert E. Dejournett

Elder Clarence Steadman

District Missionary Janis Tabbs

Mother Shirley Bradford

Sister Adrienne Griffin

Brother Dustin Claridy

Sister Charlene Dejournett

Missionary Kathrine Beacham

Sister Gaye Carter

Sister Shelia Dawkins- Flinn




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Faithful Service: Easing into a New Season

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The Elegant Affair

elegant affair

banquet 9




St. Ashworth Temple, C.O.G.I.C. celebrated the Faithful Service of our Illustrious Pastor and First Lady Richard A. Bradford. Pastor Bradford has served as Pastor of St. Ashworth Temple for 7 years. Pastor Bradford was also the Assistant Pastor for many years to our founding father, the Late Bishop C.A. Ashworth and the Late Superintendent Louis C. Walker.

The Gala celebration was attended by: Bishop Edward T. Cook, State Supervisor Mother Thelma Giles Butts and a host of  family, and friends and congregation members.

banqut 10

pastor and first ladybradford familyandre and family

banquet4banquet 8

banquet 6banquet 7banquet5banqet 3

hostessbanquet 1


This epic event was followed by the annual anniversary services on Sunday morning, and afternoon. 

service 3dustin and idaservice 4state supervisorservice 1service 2

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